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    Stress Reduction & Relaxation - Hypnosis Mp3 Download

    Peter Field Hypnotherapy
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    Product Description

    Stress Reduction and Relaxation hypnosis mp3 sample

    Free Yourself from the Crippling Effects of Stress Easily and Effectively!

    Stress can be a crippling and a devastating force. It can seriously affect our health – mentally and physically – and prevent us from reaching our true potential.

    Yet it's something that we all feel.

    stress hypnosis mp3When we find ourselves becoming stressed, either because we’re in a stressful situation or because we’ve allowed things to get on top of us, then our bodies release powerful chemicals such as cortisol, adrenaline, and noradrenaline.

    Nature intended these chemicals to protect us. They are meant to flood the body and the mind with ‘flight or fight’ feelings.

    Yet most of the time, these powerful chemicals are simply not used. They just sweep through the body and build up to the point where their affects are felt in some truly negative ways.

    Cortisol seriously compromises the immune system, preventing it from functioning properly. This can easily lead on to health problems, making us heir to all kinds of illness.

    Adrenaline and noradrenaline elevates blood pressure and increases the work the heart has to do.

    External attempts to reduce stress can cause some real and long-term health problems.

    In an attempt to manage their stress, or to distract themselves from its affects, many turn to alcohol, drugs (both prescription and illegal), cigarettes, chocolate and overeating. But these things offer only temporary relief, a transitory distraction.

    They simply cannot provide what is really needed: release from the terrible cycle of stress and its consequences.

    stress reduction mp3If you suffer from stress, if you find yourself unable to release that stress, then Peter Field’s Stress Reduction & Relaxation – Inner Balance vol.1 hypnosis Mp3 download is for you.

    This brilliantly designed recording uses state-of-the-art stress reduction techniques that allow you to regain control of your life and manage stress effectively and safely.

    With Stress Reduction & Relaxation – Inner Balance vol.1 hypnosis mp3 download, Peter’s calm and soothing voice gently guides you into hypnosis where your subconscious mind learns how to let stress simply fall away like water from the feathers of a duck.

    Embedded in this recording is a powerful technique that is anchored in the subconscious mind during hypnosis and which can later be used at any time you feel stressed. This really simple technique allows you to release stress in a matter of seconds whenever you need it.

    This is the essential hypnosis recording for stress management and stress relief, given to each private client at Peter Field Hypnotherapy, and now available to you.

    Download Peter Field’s Stress Reduction & Relaxation – Inner Balance vol.1 hypnosis mp3 now and get out from under the devastating wheel of stress.

    hypnosis mp3 hypnosis cd


    Cutting Edge Biorhythmic Music & Theta Tonestheta-hypnosis-cd-mp3-downloads.jpg

    This hypnosis Mp3 recording uses cutting-edge technology 60 beat biorhythmic music and is embedded with Theta tones.

    Theta Tones induce an altered state of consciousness and the Theta Brain Wave is known as the hypnogogic state, which is the trance state entered immediately before sleep. This is the deeply relaxed dreamy state generally associated with right-brain activity which allows access to the subconscious and the superconscious. In this state, we have access to insights, bursts of creativity and fresh ideas. It is a key state for changing your reality by the use of vivid imagery and suggestion.

    The 60 beat biorhythmic music used in this hypnosis MP3 corresponds to your biological rhythm, and contains embedded subliminal suggestions for self-esteem. It has been used by hospitals in order to promote post-surgical healing. It has also been used in schools for children with ADHD and by US government agencies to promote sleep and stress management. US hospitals have played it to promote wellness and healing after surgery.

    peterf.jpgAll of this is combined with Peter Field's unique stress reduction therapy, as Peter's soothing voice gently guides you into a wonderful, deeply calm and profoundly relaxed state where your mind is helped to realign and deal with stress in a calm and easy manner.

    If stress plays a part in your life, or in the life of someone you care about, then Peter’s Stress Reduction & Relaxation – Inner Balance 1 hypnosis Mp3 is a really effective way of handling it.

    Download now and rapidly get out from under the wheel of stress!

    Other Details

    File Size:
    45 mb approx
    Running Time:
    30 min approx
    Download Limit:
    10 attempts within 48 hours
    Download Avalability:
    Instant. Download remains available for 48 hours

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