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    Motivate to Move

    Peter Field Hypnotherapy
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    Key 4: Get Motivated! --

    hypnosis-slimming-p20.jpg This is the final key in the complete Hypnosis-Slimming System™, and is designed to motivate you to exercise on a regular basis -- and to actually enjoy it!

    In addition to regaining control of your eating and re-balancing your relationship with food, becoming and remaining slim, trim and healthy involves using your body and exercising on a regular basis. When we move around and exercise we burn off excess fat and use up excess energy – because that’s what fat is, it’s just excess energy that our body doesn’t need and so it stores it as fat

    When we exercise on a regular basis then our resting metabolic rate is elevated so that we burn more calories even when relaxing or sleeping

    The problem, of course, is that in order to exercise on a regular basis we need to be motivated to do so

    What is Motivation?

    hypnosis-slimming-p21.jpg Motivation is the mental energy that helps us achieve and accomplish our goals. In order for us to make things happen motivation has to be there to drive things forward. It is the vital ingredient for success in any undertaking, personal or professional, and it is the essential element in exercising regularly. With the right motivation, we can completely change our mindset and actually look forward to enjoying regular exercise

    How to Become Motivated

    hypnosis-slimming-p23.jpg The truth is that you have the energy, and the truth is that change is not really difficult. In fact, you’ve been changing since the day you were born and you’ve always had enough energy to do so. If we want to move forward into the life that we are capable of living, a healthy, slimmer, trimmer life, then we need to be able to encourage the change that exercise can deliver

    When we do this then we automatically become motivated. When we eagerly and enthusiastically participate in our own change then exercise motivation and energy flow naturally and intuitively

    Hypnosis Can Help You Become More Motivated to Exercise

    If your motivation to exercise on a regular basis needs a real boost, then it’s time to re-connect with that inner passion, to unleash your own inner energy and to throw the doors open to change

    Peter Field’s Get Motivated! hypnosis exercise motivation program is designed to fire you up so that you do just that!


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