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    Inner Harmony

    Peter Field Hypnotherapy
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    Product Description

    Key 3: Inner Harmony --

    hypnosis-slimming-p26.jpgThis is the Third Key in the 3 Step Hypnosis-Slimming System™ 

    This advanced hypnosis recording has been specifically created to address any inner conflict that may have been causing you to subconsciously sabotage your weight reduction efforts in the past 

    How It Works

    Sometimes our very best intentions and desires can be thwarted by a part of us that just won't seem to allow us to make the changes we need to make. This powerful hypnosis recording helps re-balance and realign all parts of your inner self, enabling you to eat in a more harmonious and healthy way 

    It is designed to work synergistically with Key 1 and Key 2 of the Hypnosis-Slimming System

    Why diets don’t work

    hypnosis-slimming-p27.jpg So you started out with the very best intentions, you followed that diet almost religiously, you bought the books and measured your foods, eating wisely and sensibly, maybe you even counted the calories, but then something happened…

    Some part of you just took over, discarding your good intentions, overpowering your will power, going against all logic and BANG! there you were, back to square one, eating like there was no tomorrow, binging as if nothing else mattered

    If this story sounds familiar, then you are not alone 

    The Weight Management Struggle

    hypnosis-slimming-p28.jpg So many people who struggle with their weight do so because there is an internal conflict going on inside them. It’s as if a part of them just won’t listen, it just seems to grab the steering wheel and take over, forcing the other more balanced and reasonable parts to take a back seat while it just gorges and eats and eats.

    And when it has gorged itself it just seems to sit back and let the other parts do the worrying, it leaves it to them to feel the remorse and live with that terrible sense of failure

    There Is a Solution

    hypnosis-slimming-p5.jpg But the truth is that naturally balanced, healthy eating can only happen when the inner struggle has ended and peace has been declared. When all parts of us are united, then each part can work together in harmony and we can accomplish our goal – natural healthy eating. And when we eat in a balanced, healthy way then we automatically and naturally become slimmer and more fit. We do not need diets. We do not need denial and deprivation. We just feel like eating in a healthy, slimmer way, because if feels natural to do so 

    Why Wait Any Longer to Begin? 

    hypnosis-slimming-p22.jpgIf something in you has been sabotaging your best efforts to alter your relationship with food and eating then Key 3 of Peter Field’s Hypnosis-Slimming System™, Inner Harmony could be one of the wisest investments you will ever make in a slimmer, healthier new life. There really is no need to wait

    Download Inner Harmony now, and really accelerate your journey toward a slimmer, lighter, healthier you today! Or simply order the CD and we'll rush it to you in a plain jiffy bag

    It Couldn't Be Easier!

    For the very best results, alternate Hypnosis-Slimming Key 1: Regain Control with Key 2: End Emotional Eating and listen to Key 3: Inner Harmony once or twice weekly -- you'll be truly amazed at your weight reduction progress!

    Now you can really TURBO-CHARGE your weight reduction with Key 4: Motivate to Move
    Engineered specifically to increase your exercise motivation! 


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