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    4. Anxiety
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    6. Procrastination
    7. Motivation
    8. Self Sabotage
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    End Procrastination Now! - Hypnosis Mp3 Download

    Peter Field Hypnotherapy
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    End Procrastination now hypnosis mp3 samplePractically everyone procrastinates in one form or another at one time or another. It just seems to come with the territory of being human. Putting off tasks we don't like to do is, after all, quite normal on occasion.

    As such, it's not something to be overly concerned about – indeed, a little procrastination can sometimes afford us a welcome breather, but we soon get back on track and take care of those things that need our attention.

    Yet this isn't the case with chronic procrastination.

    Ask most people why they procrastinate and you're very likely to get a list of familiar excuses: 'I need to be in the mood', 'There’s plenty of time', 'I work better under pressure', 'I'm just waiting for the best time to do it', 'I just forgot' to name but a few… But what you’re less likely to get is the truth.

    Because the truth is that, more often than not, most people have no clear idea why they put off until tomorrow the things they know they need to do today. And so they delay and delay and delay… and all the time, the pressure builds until anxiety, a sense of frustration and of self-disappointment sets in, which just compounds the situation, perhaps even adding guilt to the mix, and making them feel even worse…

    If this sounds all too familiar, then I invite you to read on, but be prepared for some adjustment in your rational, because I’m going to list some of the real reasons people procrastinate, as determined by Ohio State University. And as you read, it might be interesting to note how many of these real reasons for procrastination have to do with self-belief and emotional difficulties:

    Perfectionism - If you equate your self-worth with high performance, procrastination protects you against the risk of failure

    Need for Love - If you feel people will accept you only if you perform well, procrastination protects you from rejection

    Anticipating the Worst - If you can only imagine disaster as the outcome of your performance, procrastination protects you from anxiety

    Self-Judgment - If you judge yourself too harshly, procrastination protects you from feeling self-hate and shame

    Depression - If you feel overwhelmed, procrastination protects you from helplessness

    Rigid Identity - If your image of yourself is set, procrastination protects you from having to change

    Get the picture? Now, here’s the crux of the matter: the home and repository of self-belief is the subconscious mind. It’s here that both self-limiting -- as well as self-empowering -- beliefs are stored. And it’s from here that they function, running just like the programme in a computer, driving outcomes, powerfully affecting our actions, or in the case of procrastination, our lack of action.

    And this is exactly where Peter Field’s End Procrastination Now! – How to Stop Procrastinating with Hypnosis Mp3 download can help.

    Just relax as Peter's calm and soothing voice gently guides you into hypnosis where your own subconscious mind learns to gear up and enthusiastically prepare for action. This state-of-the-art, carefully crafted recording helps you to make all the adjustments necessary in order to get things moving and back on track.

    You've dragged your feet for long enough. Why continue to play the victim to procrastination and indecision?

    Download Peter’s powerful End Procrastination Now! – How to Stop Procrastinating with Hypnosis Mp3 recording and get on with your life – now!

    (Because self-belief is such an essential aspect of ending procrastination, Peter Field recommends using this hypnosis Mp3 download in conjunction with Inner Balance 2 – A Calmer More Confident You.)

    hypnosis mp3 hypnosis cd

    Cutting Edge Biorhythmic Music & Theta Tones

    theta-hypnosis-cd-mp3-downloads.jpgThis hypnosis Mp3 recording uses cutting-edge technology 60 beat biorhythmic music which corresponds to your biological rhythm, and is embedded with Theta tones.

    Theta Tones induce an altered state of consciousness and the Theta Brain Wave is known as the hypnogogic state, which is the trance state entered immediately before sleep. This is the deeply relaxed dreamy state generally associated with right-brain activity which allows access to the subconscious and the superconscious. In this state, we have access to insights, bursts of creativity and fresh ideas.

    It is a key state for changing your reality by the use of vivid imagery and hypnotic suggestion.

    Other Details

    File Size:
    55 mb approx
    Running Time:
    35 min approx
    Download Limit:
    2 per order within 24 hours
    Download Availability:
    Instant. Download remains available for 24 hours

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