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    End Emotional Eating

    Peter Field Hypnotherapy
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    Product Description

    Key 2: End Emotional Eating --

    hypnosis-slimming-p14.jpgThis is the second key in the 3 Step Hypnosis-Slimming System™.

    This hypnosis recording is specifically designed to build on Key 1 and guide your subconscious mind into modifying and altering your emotional eating response

    How It Works

    The powerful hypnotic suggestions help you restore natural eating behaviors and end emotional eating, so that you eat only when hungry or in answer to your body's nutritional needs. Key 2 helps your deeper, inner mind return to more helpful, rational and natural eating habits and behaviors

    Step 2: End Emotional Eating is designed to work synergistically with Key 1 and Key 3 of the Hypnosis-Slimming System™

    hypnosis-slimming-p29.jpgThe Problem with Emotional Eating

    When we use food in order to distract ourselves from feelings and emotions, then that’s emotional eating. We are using food in a way for which it simply was not intended. It’s as if we are self-medicating with food

    The problem is that this kind of emotional eating can have some really grim consequences, making us gain weight, damaging our self esteem and negatively impacting on our health, making us fat and unhappy

    Why Diets Are Not the Solution

    hypnosis-slimming-p15.jpgIn the short term, diets can help take the weight off, but no one can stay on a diet forever, sooner or later we have to come off that diet and when we do then we just find ourselves reverting to that same old way of responding to emotions. The weight goes right back on with a vengeance, and we feel even worse because now we have feelings of real disappointment in ourselves, often mingled with guilt for having let ourselves down yet again

    Is There Really a Solution to Emotional Overeating?

    There is a solution, and it has nothing whatsoever to do with diets

    That solution is to work with your powerful subconscious mind in order to ‘reprogram’ it, so that you no longer reach for food in an attempt to deal with feelings and emotions

    In the deep trance state of hypnosis, your own mind can help restore you to your birthright, eating in response to genuine hunger and your body’s natural nutritional needs. The past is behind you now and it’s time to move forward into a fresher, healthier way of being

    Why Wait Any Longer to Begin? hypnosis-slimming-p16.jpg

    If you have been practicing emotional eating, then Key 2 of the Hypnosis-Slimming System™, ‘End Emotional Eating’ could be one of the wisest investments you will ever make in a slimmer, healthier new life. There really is no need to wait. Download now and begin your journey right away! Or simply order the CD and we'll rush it to you in a plain jiffy bag

    It Couldn't Be Easier!

    For best results, listen to Peter's Key 2: End Emotional Eating recording daily, or for even more powerful results alternate with Key 1: Regain Control. For super powerful results be sure to listen to all 3 Keys in the Hypnosis-Slimming System on a regular basis

    Now you can really TURBO-CHARGE your weight reduction with Key 4: Motivate to Move
    Engineered specifically to increase your exercise motivation!


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