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    Becoming A Non Smoker - Hypnosis mp3 Downloads

    Peter Field Hypnotherapy
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    Smoking kills. But you already know that. stop smoking hypnosis cd hypnosis mp3

    You know too, that smoking kills slowly, painfully, strangling its victim in the most agonizing way. Yet still you continue to smoke.

    Perhaps you have tried to stop smoking. Maybe you've tried more than once. You might have tried nicotine replacement therapy, the patches, the gum, the lozenges or the inhalator; maybe you've even taken a stop-smoking course, read the books, made and broken resolution after resolution – and yet still you smoke...

    Why is it so difficult to do what you know you need to do?

    Why does will power alone so often fail when it comes to giving up smoking?

    Well, it's simply because the craving for a cigarette is a feeling that is generated by the subconscious mind. You see, the subconscious mind is the home and repository of all feelings. And in any tug of war between will power (the conscious mind) and feelings (the subconscious mind) it's feelings that almost always come out on top.

    And this is the reason why it's so very hard to stop smoking without enlisting the subconscious mind: Which is where hypnosis comes in.

    Through advanced therapeutic hypnosis we can connect with the subconscious mind and re-programme it so that it no longer believes that you are a smoker. After all, as long as your subconscious mind believes that you are a smoker then it will do everything that it can to make sure that you remain a smoker, that you remain addicted to cigarettes and tobacco.

    Becoming A Non Smoker hypnosis mp3 sample

    But when your subconscious mind believes that you are a non-smoker, then it will do everything in its power to help you to remain what it believes you are. It supports you and aids you, so that you lose the compulsions and the feelings that make you continue to smoke.

    With Peter's unique and masterly Becoming a Non-Smoker hypnosis Mp3 download, you learn to connect with your own subconscious mind, while Peter gently guides you into realigning your subconscious beliefs, ending your compulsion and helping you to live your life the way nature intended – as a non-smoker.

    This brilliantly designed cutting-edge recording contains powerful hypnotic strategies specifically formulated to help you end your smoking habit and free you from this life-threatening addiction.

    Why wait any longer to set yourself free? For the price of just a couple of packs of cigarettes you could begin your new, fresh life as a non-smoker now.

    If you truly want to end your addiction to smoking and cigarettes, then Peter Field's Becoming a Non-Smoker hypnosis Mp3 download could be just what you need.

    hypnosis mp3 hypnosis cd


    Cutting Edge Biorhythmic Music & Theta Tones

    theta-hypnosis-cd-mp3-downloads.jpgThis hypnosis Mp3 recording uses cutting-edge technology 60 beat biorhythmic music which corresponds to your biological rhythm, and is embedded with Theta tones.

    Theta Tones induce an altered state of consciousness and the Theta Brain Wave is known as the hypnogogic state, which is the trance state entered immediately before sleep. This is the deeply relaxed dreamy state generally associated with right-brain activity which allows access to the subconscious and the superconscious. In this state, we have access to insights, bursts of creativity and fresh ideas.

    It is a key state for changing your reality by the use of vivid imagery and hypnotic suggestion.


    Other Details

    File Size:
    55 mb approx
    Running Time:
    40 min approx
    Download Limit:
    2 per order within 24 hours
    Download Availability:
    Instant. Download remains available for 24 hours

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