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    1. Stress & Relaxation
    2. Confidence & Calm
    3. Self Esteem
    4. Anxiety
    5. Letting Go of the Past
    6. Procrastination
    7. Motivation
    8. Self Sabotage
    9. Sleeplessness / Insomnia
    10. Blushing
    11. Interview
    12. Public Speaking
    13. Study Enhancement
    14. Stop Smoking
    15. Nail Biting

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    How do hypnosis recordings work?

    When you listen to these state-of-the-art hypnosis recordings, you simply sit or lie down and let Peter's calm and soothing voice gently guide you into a state of deep relaxation.

    This state is very similar to the one you experience just before you fall asleep at night – but you won't be asleep, you’ll be in hypnosis.

    In this entirely natural state your subconscious mind is able to internalize helpful therapeutic suggestions and turn them into powerful positive beliefs.

    It is our beliefs that really determine our reality and the life we live.

    Of course, it's up to you whether you choose to accept or reject these suggestions – hypnosis, after all, is not mind control. The important thing to remember is that you will remain in full control at all times.