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    This powerful new strategy systematically guides your subconscious mind to end overeating and naturally reduce weight

    • €28.51 Hypnosis-Slimming Complete Package Special
      Special Offer – Save 50%! The Entire Hypnosis-Slimming System™ for One Amazing Low Price! Each Key in the Hypnosis-Slimming System™ is designed to work synergistically together in order to bring about the maximum degree of...
    • €14.82 Regain Control
      Key 1: Regain Control --This is the first key in the 3 Step Hypnosis-Slimming System™This hypnosis recording is specifically designed to help your subconscious mind alter embedded behavioral patterns and break faulty habits that have caused...
    • €14.82 End Emotional Eating
      Key 2: End Emotional Eating --This is the second key in the 3 Step Hypnosis-Slimming System™. This hypnosis recording is specifically designed to build on Key 1 and guide your subconscious mind into modifying and altering your emotional eating...
    • €14.82 Inner Harmony
      Key 3: Inner Harmony --This is the Third Key in the 3 Step Hypnosis-Slimming System™ This advanced hypnosis recording has been specifically created to address any inner conflict that may have been causing you to subconsciously sabotage...
    • €14.82 Motivate to Move
      Key 4: Get Motivated! -- This is the final key in the complete Hypnosis-Slimming System™, and is designed to motivate you to exercise on a regular basis -- and to actually enjoy it! In addition to regaining control of your eating and...

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